Videos, Movies, and TV on the Web
by Sol Libes


Video on the web - Examples
        YouTube -most popular video website -  example1 example2
        Google Video -
        Yahoo Video -
        The Open Video Project
        University Lectures - Examples
                Princeton University -
                MIT -
                Stamford University -
        Revver -
        Digg - community-based news & blogging -
        Examples of Videos I uploaded to the web
                    Google Video -
                    YouTube -
                How to upload videos to YouTube:
                How to upload videos to Google Video:

Video Podcasts
        iTunes: download software to your system
            1. In left pane select "Podcasts"
            2. In bottom right corner click on "Podcast Directory" to open directories view.
            3.  In Video Podcasts pane select the one you want to subscribe to.
            4. Download videos you want to view.
            5. Videos appear in lower left pane.


Movies on the web
        Free Movies
        Find Free Movies on web -
        Find Free Movies on web -
        Emol - Movies & Videos -
        Internet Movie Archive -
        Fancast - Movies & TV shows - *
        Hulu - Movies & TV shows
        Graboid Video - 15,000 free movies - 
        HowCoolWasThat - Movies & Videos -
        Bored - free movies, cartoons, documentaries, newsreels  -
        Amazon Video ($1.99-$3.99 each)


TV Programs on the Web      
           *  Best viewed with dual-processor computer, 128MB graphics memory, 1GB+ RAM, and 2Mbits/sec ISP.
           *  ISP may limit time as a typical hour of TV is 200MB of data (e.g. Comcast: 250GB/month limit)  

   Broadcast TV Programs - Examples       
                PBS TV -
                NJN TV -
                CBS TV - click on "Watch Full Episodes Free" button -
                NBC TV -       
                ABC TV -
                FOX TV -
      Cable & Satellite Programs - Examples
                MSNBC TV -
                CNN (Click on TV Programs) -
                Comedy Central -
                HGTV -
                HBO -
    Old TV Programs

Aggregators -  watch multiple TV channels
Videos, TV shows, movies, radio
         OVGuide -
         Truveo -
          SnagFilms -
View full-length TV shows from major TV networks, and more. 
         Requires downloading and installing media player software.  

                      Hulu -
                      Fancast -       
                      Miro (Windows, Mac, Linux) -
                      Graboid Video  - free TV Worldwide -
                      iTV Internet TV - claims 3,000 Channels -
                      KatchTV (Linux) -
                      Apple iTunes -
                      Amazon Unbox -    
                      Joost (Windows & Mac) -
                      In2TV (AOL - free) -

Watch Live TV from around the world
          StreamingTheNet -
                Recommended for viewing BBC TV blocked to non-BBC subscribers

Watch TV from around the world - download software
       OnLine TV Player -
       Livestation  -       .
     VLC Media Player (using Shoutcast)
                Step 1: Download and install free VLC Midea Player
                Step 2: Open VLC player, and select View, then select Playlist, or press Ctrl + p to open the Playlist box.
                Step 3: Select Manage > Services Directory > Shoutcast TV. Dialogue box will appear listing all available channels.
                Step 4: Double click channel to view the link. Click link to stream the channel.

Connecting a Computer to a TV: 
      Google search:

Watch  Web TV on a Television Set - Hardware
                    Build a Windows Vista Home Theatre PC -,1697,2186980,00.asp
                    TiVo - download Internet Video to TV Set
                    PCI card, USB stick TV tuner, Apple TV, Netflix (available late 2008)
                            MythTV, Windows Media Center, or software provided with hardware

The Future of TV and Video on the web
            IPTV -
            IPTV News -
            Internet Television -
            Mobile TV - e.g. AT&T & Verizon MediFLO system
            HD Video - do a Google search on "HD Video on web"

HDTV - HDTV basics:
               HDTV on a computer:,143531/article.html?tk=nl_esxhow
               Setting up an HD TV Home Theater -

 TV Converter Box Cupon Program -